digitXplus is an agency that specializes in strategic marketing; we focus on driving business growth for the brands that we work with;

We are value driven and this is reflected in our BeeHaviour to every project and client regardless of the scope or size of the business;

We ensure we maintain the highest standards of technical excellence and creativity.

Your Reach is Limitless

At digitXplus; we understand the need for brands to connect with their target audiences in their most natural spaces; we have developed multiple social media strategies for brands across multiple verticals and this is reflected in the growth of these brands;

Social media success is attributed to the growth of the pages and the engagement that is gotten from the followers; this comes with publishing engaging content and ensuring that every follower on the brands pages feel like The Only follower;

Our social media marketing services are but not limited to Brand Strategy, competitor analysis, Creative content; Trend Discovery, Caption Copywriting; Influencer Marketing; Community Management; In-depth reporting and adverse event reporting.

Branding- Disruptive over Viral?

Creative development has never been more agile, expansive and adventurous as it is today; creative designers constantly pushing borders of what is expected and what will give each brand the edge to stand out.

We understand that every brands story can be told through the creative we build so we build a start from developing a strategy that best fits the objectives,
The creatives at The Hive don’t stop; they keep pushing until your brand name becomes a word to describe the action or category.

Our scope in Web Development and Management ranges from web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting to network security configuration, among other tasks.

Facts and trends in an ever evolving Digital Space are constantly erupting. Find out the top happenings around the world right now from us.

Whether your business is a new venture or already well established, we know the quickest ways to drive traffic to spread your brand as widely as possible.


“Content is King” is what is usually said but quality content is why search began in the first place.

Getting brands content to the target audience means identifying the who needs to see the content and specifically developing the needed content to drive action;

We use effective and proven methods to drive the required leads and visitors on brands websites;

We use different approaches to content marketing, ranging from basic link building and link earning, content optimization, and competitor intelligence and place them before the right target group.

Search Marketing:
We help clients be at the fore front whenever customers use search engines like google to search for products and services such as yours.

Display Marketing/Programmatic:
Display Marketing/ Programmatic Performance Driven Brands understand the importance of getting their communication to the right audience and generate the return on investment hence the need for adequate display marketing/ programmatic campaigns;

digitXplus customizes each campaign specific to each brand and focuses on performance led campaigns that drive the required action from the target audience through our strategies using our trading desks using Real Time Bidding and constantly optimizing to push the limits at all instances;

We work towards the brands long term goals as it’s not just about the success of one campaign but the success of the overall advertising strategy which can help gain a deeper understanding of the target market; This gives us an expert perspective to help create insightful decisions on subsequent campaigns

Influencer Marketing:
With our top-notch connection to esteemed Brand Influencers, we can leverage on this relationship to deliver on objectives for your brand.

Mobile Apps & Marketing:
We can help you reach more potential users by delivering on highly targeted social media ads, push notification ads and In App display ads.

Video Marketing:
The Power of Story Telling
Imagine a world without video; where people only had to use their imaginations to depict the stories told and untold; Boring…

That said; there is a huge clutter of all kinds of video content online so it’s important that we help brands break through that clutter by focusing on the story and using the most appropriate strategy per brand to get the brand the required visibility;

We help brands tell stories and ensure that the videos get into the hands of the consumer through our disruptive ideas.

“Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” – Robert Weiss