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March 21, 2022


66% of Brands Spent More on Creator Marketing in Past Year

Brands are increasingly shifting budgets to power creator-driven marketing campaigns, with 66% reporting they spent more on this area in the past year compared with previous years, according to a new CreatorIQ and Tribe Dynamics survey shared with Marketing Dive. Additionally, 52% noted that their creator marketing teams have expanded to support this growing trend…

Ad of the Week

Google Commercial Reviews of Hope Advert by Toaster, Indonesia

In Indonesia, Google Search data showed misinformation spreading around the Covid-19 vaccine making people vaccine-hesitant. Google realized that just access to verified information wasn’t enough to move the needle.The Solution? When in doubt, people often rely on Google Search peer reviews before making a decision and Google thought of using this behaviour to convince Indonesians to take the vaccine. As Google Search data revealed trending fears, Google mapped them against credible first hand stories of users who took the vaccine, to create the first-ever reviews of the Covid-19 vaccine. These frank but compelling reviews from mothers, seniors, caregivers, breadwinners and more were delivered contextually across audiences so their message was relatable to the right people and it moved Indonesians to get vaccinated in large numbers…